VARDO * Full size plans

: VARDO * Full size plans
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Vardo The design goals were for a boat a new paddler would be comfortable in and not outgrow. Large enough for weekend camping and a larger cockpit with lots of knee room.


Details on the specific boat designs are found a


Full sized plans make the boat building experience much less stressful and much easier. With my plans there is no lofting required (laying out and drawing the frames). You simply cut out the individual pieces from the plans, glue them on the plywood, and cut to the lines.


My boats are designed using the latest in marine software. The plans are drawn using CAD software, and then plotted on a large format plotter to ensure accuracy.


Included is our detailed assembly manual with over 100 pages and approximately 100 images and illustrations which walk you through your build. If you get stumped you can get help from other builders in my forum. And of course I am active there too. 


The plans are license to build one boat. If you wish to build more than one please see 2nd boat fee item for more details


Reviewed by Evan , 04/14/2017

Plans look great! The instructions in the assembly guide and plans were clear and easy to interpret. Shipping was prompt and got here to AK in no time! Right now my kayak is still a pile of sticks and plywood, but its coming along. Thanks Jeff!

Reviewed by john h, 02/06/2017

got the plans in the mail faster then I thought I would,good start . the plans came with two large sheets life size for frames and a book on what to do with them seems clear to me I have not boiult it yet as its winter here (Toronto Canada}but seems easy to build will let you know this spring as I plan on building in my back yard...thanks so much ......john huggard

Reviewed by bill a, 07/14/2016

Just received the order. Plans look straight forward, clear and concise.

Reviewed by Arthur , 06/13/2016

The full sized templates work great. For a first time builder like me there needs to be a more detailed plan of how the stringers terminate. I was puzzled working around the cockpit area. Everything else went together amazingly well. I will be ready for skinning soon. Can't wait.

Reviewed by Jan D, 02/14/2016

Vardo was my first skin on frame boat and I enjoyed her build. No screws, no glue, as simple as that.The kit came in time and was very complete . I used 9mm plywood-okoume 1st quality that was left over from an other build- saved weight. I made a laminated coaming. I was fortunate  in ordering 2 spools of sinew. The polyester cloth went on easily, shrinking could have been tighter. The instruction book ws useful , though it took some rereading to understand what was meant. But then, what is clear to the writer may be dark to the reader. I paddled her only once so far and enjoyed the experience, but I have only limited experience as a paddler .