Ravenswood * Full size plans

: Ravenswood * Full size plans
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Ravenswood is another fast cruising hull. It is based on the Curlew hull but has a little better performance in the 3-4.5 mph range. The resistance is a little lower than the Curlew, making it a good choice for most paddlers. If you are into fast paddling this is not the boat for you. At 5 mph the resistance starts to increase dramatically. But this is into sprinting speeds for the average recreational paddler.

Details on the specific boat designs are found a http://www.kudzucraft.com/designs/kayaks.php


Full sized plans make the boat building experience much less stressful and much easier. With my plans there is no lofting required (laying out and drawing the frames). You simply cut out the individual pieces from the plans, glue them on the plywood, and cut to the lines.


My boats are designed using the latest in marine software. The plans are drawn using CAD software, and then plotted on a large format plotter to ensure accuracy.


Included is our detailed assembly manual with over 100 pages and approximately 100 images and illustrations which walk you through your build. If you get stumped you can get help from other builders in my forum. And of course I am active there too. 


The plans are license to build one boat. If you wish to build more than one please see 2nd boat fee item for more details


Reviewed by John C, 12/06/2015

I constructed the Ravenswood kayak about 1 year ago, and found these plans to work very well. I built the laminated combing and had some fun there. You need lots of clamps to do that task, but it sure turned out nice. I have had is out several times and in varying conditions and it does quite well. I would mention my size 10 1/2 foot is just about the limit to fitting into the space by the foot rests. Bigger feet will just push out the fabric at your toes, but I would not recommend this kayak for anyone much bigger than my 5' 10" and 180#'s My pant inseam measurement runs 32" and would believe leg length means a lot here. If your legs are shorter than mine, a larger foot size would fit. The longer your legs are, the farther foreword the foot rests will be, and the smaller the available foot space will be. I found the stability of the craft to be exactly as others had described. It takes about 15 minutes of time to get used to things. Once you figure out that you are not going in the drink any second, and calm down, it is just fine there after.