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Ron Atne's amazing Firefly
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: Firefly * Full size plans
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Firefly is what I like to call a "Modern Baidarka". It is not true to the 'traditional' Baidarka design but is very much inspired by them. From the bifurcated bow to the stern it is obvious where the inspiration of this boat comes from.


Details on the specific boat designs are found a


Full sized plans make the boat building experience much less stressful and much easier. With my plans there is no lofting required (laying out and drawing the frames). You simply cut out the individual pieces from the plans, glue them on the plywood, and cut to the lines.


My boats are designed using the latest in marine software. The plans are drawn using CAD software, and then plotted on a large format plotter to ensure accuracy.


Included is our detailed assembly manual with over 100 pages and approximately 100 images and illustrations which walk you through your build. If you get stumped you can get help from other builders in my forum. And of course I am active there too. 


The plans are license to build one boat. If you wish to build more than one please see 2nd boat fee item for more details


Reviewed by Dane H, 12/23/2016

I'm really impressed by the prompt service and excellent detail of the plans. Still collecting parts for this build, will have to wait for warmer weather to start building though. Looking forward to this project. Thank you Kudzu.

Reviewed by Erik N, 06/05/2016

A Craigslist contact who was interested in one of my beat-up Klepper frames referred me to Kudzu. I've wanted to build a boat like this for awhile: the lashed joints and bifurcated bow appealed to me. My order shipped superfast; the full-size plans look great and the instruction book has much more information than I expected. Email information inquiry was promptly answered. Excited to start building this boat.

Reviewed by Ron A, 05/24/2016

I have previously built a couple other skin-on-frame boats - one canoe and one kayak (from other sources) and  three stitch & glue kayaks.   This Firefly is going to be one of my favorites ( I need to get out and paddle it and it may be my favorite).   It is very respectful of the classic Baidarka design in it's grace and elegant form.  The fuselage frame structure has been very thoroughly thought out and fits together really well as shown.  The plans were professionally well drawn and very exact in their execution and I found the instruction manual most helpful.  

There is no question for me, that the next kayak will be a skin-on-frame fuselage frame because they are truly amazingly lightweight, and the next one will be from Kudzucraft as well.  I had a couple of questions and Mr. Horton answered them very promptly and thoroughly.  He really is "THE MAN".