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: Curlew * Full size plans
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Curlew started out as a challenge by a friend to design a boat aimed at the typical paddler for use in our local waters, the Tennessee River and it's man made lakes. Not many people actually camp out of their boat so we just wanted space behind the seat for a couple of dry bags and some water. Top speed was not an issue, again because most people paddle in the 3 to 4.5 mph range. As for water conditions while we have mostly flat water we can have very close spaced 3 foot waves in times of high wind. Using this information we set our design goals.


Details on the specific boat designs are found a


Full sized plans make the boat building experience much less stressful and much easier. With my plans there is no lofting required (laying out and drawing the frames). You simply cut out the individual pieces from the plans, glue them on the plywood, and cut to the lines.


My boats are designed using the latest in marine software. The plans are drawn using CAD software, and then plotted on a large format plotter to ensure accuracy.


Included is our detailed assembly manual with over 100 pages and approximately 100 images and illustrations which walk you through your build. If you get stumped you can get help from other builders in my forum. And of course I am active there too. 


The plans are license to build one boat. If you wish to build more than one please see 2nd boat fee item for more details


Reviewed by Todd , 12/03/2015

Great service from Jeff.  I ordered my plan and in just a few days I received them in the mail.  They were in perfect condition.  With Jeff's instructions (book) I was able to cut out and begin building what I hope will be a boat that I will be able to pass down to my son.  A band saw or scroll saw would make it a bit more simple but these plans can be made completely with basic tools.  This is a great product from a good ole' American guy